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800-1998: Ceramic Treasures of Oise
Extracts from the MUDO-Musée de l’Oise collection

15 September 2018 – 15 March 2019

MUDO-Musée de l’Oise presents the Ceramic Treasures of Oise in the magnificent 16th-century exhibition room located below the rafters. This event constitutes a preview ahead of the permanent ceramics exhibition that will be launched alongside the presentation of the 20th-century collection, due to open in late 2020. By exhibiting the museum’s major treasures, dating from the ninth century all the way to 1998, a veritable platform to showcase Oise’s artistic heritage, Ceramic Treasures clearly shows the important place occupied by Oise in the history of ceramics in France.

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Beauvais, MUDO-Musée de l’Oise and Le Quadrilatère - Naturalism and Baroque art (17th century) 27 April - 17 September 2017

Italian Hours offers visitors an exceptional opportunity to explore the public collections of Italian art housed in the museums and churches of Picardy. The exhibition takes its title from a travel book written by author, Henry James (1843-1916), in which he enthusiastically describes Italian monuments and art.

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