General Administrative Director: Anne-Sophie Marchal

Administrative assistant: Norma Hannou

Executive assistant for derivative products : Angéline Capello

Administrative and financial manager : Aurélie Jouan


Director and chief heritage curator: Gilles Baud-Berthier

Heritage curator: Richard Schuler

Assistant curator: Sylvain Pinta

Project manager: Isabelle Mauchin

Collections manager: Christine Mesta

Cultural development

Public services

Educational Outreach: Audrey Magnan, Clarisse Herlemont

Tourism manager: Béatrice Lejeune

Communication and Partnerships

Communication manager: Carole Michel

Communication assistant for reservations: Marie-Laure Trouvé

Webmaster and community manager: Armandine Rue


Photographer: Alain Ruin

Photographer- Computer graphics artist: David Henoc

Documentary Resource Centre

Documentary Resource Centre manager: Véronique Wilczynski-Laurent

Librarian: Isabelle Goubaux

Library assistant: Valérie Delavière


Logistics manager, museum registrar: Dominique Lemoine

Receptionists, surveillance officers: Marie-Claude Anne, Patricia Coache, Bruno Guyard, Alain Pachot, Carole Boibessot, Denis Ring, Dominique Damelincourt

Technical agents: Rémi Ring, Philippe Verseil, Christophe Coqu