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Of this public cultural information, only photographs and text may be reused pursuant to article 11 of Law 78-753 of 17 July 1978 under the terms and conditions indicated below:


Photographs credited © MUDO –Musée de l'Oise are the exclusive property of MUDO and are used by MUDO with authorisation from their authors or assigns. Photographs credited © RMN / [ ...] are the property of RMN. Non-commercial reuse is authorised on condition that the source and author be credited. For any commercial and/or editorial reuse of MUDO's collections, or the design of the exhibitions, please contact the l'Agence photographique de la Réunion des Musées nationaux (RMN).

Some works are still protected by copyright. Their reproduction and representation on an Internet site, even a personal one, are subject to authorisation by the concerned assigns or societies of authors.

For more information, check these sites: ADAGP site.


MUDO is the assignee of the itinerary texts and descriptions of the works. These texts may be freely reused so long as they are not altered, their meaning is not distorted, and their sources and the date of their last update are mentioned. Any commercial reuse is subject to the prior express consent of MUDO. For any requests in this regard, please contact the MUDO communication office.

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The informational and scheduling information on this site is public administrative information pursuant to article 10 of Law 78-753 of 17 July 1978. This information may be freely reused so long as they are not altered, their meaning is not distorted, and their sources and the date of their last update are mentioned.

No transfer of ownership of this public administrative information is made in favour of the reuser. The latter has a personal, non-exclusive right to reuse this public administrative information. Any person reusing the public information in violation of the aforementioned provisions is subject to a fine imposed  by the Commission on Access to Administrative Documents.

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For other uses, please consult us by regular mail to the address indicated above.


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