L'enrôlement des volontaires, from the preparatory studies to the finished painting

11 December 2014 - 11 January 2016 | Free

After its 15-year closure, MUDO-Musée de l’Oise is again presenting the monumental painting by Thomas Couture, L'Enrôlement des volontaires de 1792,in the heart of the renovated Renaissance palace. . For this emblematic work in Thomas Couture’s career, the painter did multiple drawn and painted sketches. Insistent on the fundamental worth of drawing in his artistic approach, Couture was a formidable practitioner of this technique. The Museum will exhibit a dozen preparatory sketches for l’Enrôlement des volontaires, belonging to the collections of the Musée National du Palais de Compiègne. These works, seldom shown to the public because of their fragility, will immerse the visitor in the creation of the painting, from quick sketches in ink and with the brush to superb, detailed studies drawn brilliantly in charcoal with white highlights on tinted paper.